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Cruz Azul Fandroid

By @songodaniel

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  • Downloads: 5,754
  • Ratings: 27
  • Positive ratings (3+): 11

Cruz Azul Futbol Club, A.C, known simply as Cruz Azul, is a Mexican professional football club based in Mexico City, Mexico; after which initially was based in Ciudad Cooperativa Cruz Azul in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. Cruz Azul plays in the Mexican Primera División and its home venue is the Estadio Azul, located in the southwestern part of Mexico City in the Colonia Ciudad de los Deportes, next to the Nápoles neighborhood. The team moved there in 1996, after playing for many seasons at the Estadio Azteca. Its headquarters are in La Noria, a suburb located in the southern part of Mexico City in Xochimilco.


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