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I've downloaded the app, but I can't launch it.

Shake Them All! is a Live Wallpaper, which means it can't be launched like a regular app.
You need to hit the 'Menu' key on your home screen, then select 'Wallpapers' then 'Live Wallpapers', and Shake Them All! should appear in the list.

Why is there only one skin in my settings? Where are all the other skins?

With the launch of the website, I decided to remove all the skins in the app and put them here.
Before the update, I received some great skins that I couldn't add to the app without increasing its size. Furthermore some skins that I liked may not be worthy for others, and I didn't want to waste internal memory for them.
That's why all the skins are now stored in the SD Card, except for the default one which will be used if the SD Card is not present.

The new website allows you to download all the previous skins, as well as new ones.
There is also a quite simple skin editor, so expect to get much more soon.

Ok, so I downloaded a skin, what's next?

You should have downloaded a file called 'package.zip'.
Simply extract it to your SD Card, while preserving the directory structure. Your skin should be in 'ShakeThemAll/skins/[NAME]/'.
Turn OFF USB storage, then open the app's settings. Your skin should appear in the skin selector.
Enjoy your new skin, and don't forget to rate it.

Great, now all the skins appear in the Media Gallery!

Don't worry, it's easy to fix.
The first version of the skins downloaded here didn't include a file called '.nomedia' which tells the Gallery not to include this pictures.
I've fixed this with the new skins, you only need to install one of them and the pictures will not appear in the Gallery, even the previous ones.

Alternatively you can also add an empty text file called '.nomedia' to the '/ShakeThemAll/' directory of your SD Card.

Ok, so now how do I make a skin?

Go to the 'Skins' page and click on the 'Submit a skin' button.
Enter the name of your skin, and your name.
Below these two fields, there is a preview of your skin and five buttons to update each part of the droid.
A droid has five parts:
- body: which includes the head and the torso, with a size of 100x143
- left arm: with a size of 30x69
- right arm: with a size of 30x69
- left leg: with a size of 30x48
- right leg: with a size of 30x48

Click on the corresponding button to upload a picture of one part.
You can use any dimension for your image, but it has to be a PNG24 with transparency.
You should use the actual dimensions though, otherwise the editor will resize your picture without preserving the aspect ratio.
Once you're satisfied by your skin, click on the 'Submit' button below the preview.

I submitted a skin, but it doesn't appear on the website.

Your skin needs to be reviewed before appearing on the website.
I'll review every skin submitted, and a new skin should quickly available in the 'Skins' page.
I will not accept a skin with no transparency though.

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Really sweet wallpaper. Sometimes it can glitch, but i fixed the problem for the most part by only having one Droid bouncing around.
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